Red Lips and Dots

Dots galore! I should've worn my polka dot tights as well, but they are too sad and shredded at the moment. Plus, these grey tights from Target are pretty cozy & warm for walks to The Red Hot for an afternoon hotdog/beer date.

I got this red lipstick from my mom over Christmas break. She's not really a red lipstick kind of gal, so she figured I might make more use of it. I don't wear a lot of lipstick either, but I sorta want to start wearing more lipstick. It's just fun and vibrant and adds a little kick.

tights/target :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: photos by Dan

You guys. My hair is starting to have a gravitational pull of it's own. I kind of want to go a few more months before cutting it, just so it gets ridiculously long and out of control. Then I want to cut it off and have it be fun and short like Christina's hair. I don't know if mine will be as awesome as hers but I haven't had my hair that short since I was in like 4th grade, so I don't know how my curls will react without three feet of hair weighing them down!