Break Up

Well, the past week Tacoma smashed 6 months of Alaskan weather into 6 days and now we're experiencing the season whose name seems unique to Alaska: Break-Up. I used this term last week and I was met with bewildered stares and queries about the state of relationships. "Break-Up" is the time of year which comes around April in Alaska where the months and months of snow piles that have built up come face to face with temperatures which are finally warm enough to reduce them to disgusting, brown wads of slushy mush everywhere. This happens for at least a month, but here in Tacoma, it's only likely to last a few days. Most of our brown, slushy snow is already streaming down the roads in tiny brown rivers.

dress/moon collection :: cardigan+ socks/forever 21 :: scarf/thrifted :: umbrella/lands' end tights + coat/target :: bag/ona :: boots/courtesy of blowfish :: photos by Dan

Unfortunately it's set to rain for the next week, so I suppose I'll be stuck inside for most of that time, as it's quite annoying to try taking photos out in the rain, especially with a tripod. But I do have some crafts I've been wanting to make for a while, so it'll force me to do them! Plus, I have another letter to write for my 52 letter challenge, which is an indoor activity as well. All this nasty weather has got me pining for warm summer days. Thankfully we're on the upswing and the sun is staying out a smidge longer every day, which is making it a bit easier to manage some outfit photos before I look outside and realize the sun has disappeared!