Black and White and Red Velvet all over

I was pretty excited when I heard that the Delightful Dozen was going to style up one of Elsie's dresses from her fall Red Velvet collection. I wore it as I sewed my dress, as a sort of inspiration. I've been trying to be more creative lately, and every time I accomplish something new I feel really awesome. Even if it's just figuring out a new html trick. I think that even if you set little goals for yourself, your confidence goes up each time you accomplish them. In childhood it seems like you're constantly learning new things, I think it's important to continue pushing yourself and trying new things as you get older.

hat/borrowed :: tights/target :: glasses/wet seal

These photos were taken down at Titlow Beach, which is actually where Dan & I got our bride and groom photos taken. If you're thinking, "Wait, I don't think I've seen those yet!" you are indeed correct. After the new year happened I kind of forgot to post the rest of my wedding photos/was tired of my blog being wedding central. There aren't too many left, but our bride & groom portraits are some of my favorites so I should post those soon!