52 Letters // Week 2

Here's my second letter in my 52 letter challenge. Like every one else, I've become totally enthralled with washi tape, and even just today I bought another set of them. They're just so cute for adding some fun to any letter or package. Plus, it's tape, so it's totally functional (this is just me rationalizing having a whole mason jar full of rolls of washi tape).

I think all this being intentional about fostering creativity in my life is going quite well! Today I finished up a pleated pleather skirt and I'm working on a messenger bag currently. I've never made a bag (well, other than my little chalk bag for rock climbing), so I'm kind of winging it, but it's fun! If I end up making another bag I'll definitely do better next time with all the mistakes learning experiences I'm getting on this first one. I might make a little tote bag too. Way simpler!

Oh, and I forgot to post the winner of the Delightful Giveaway earlier today, so here's the winner... congrats Corinne! Corinne won a free large ad in my sidebar for February. If you'd like to sponsor for February, there's still time! Head over here to get your ad!