The Wedding Party: The Girls

I knew that I wanted all my bridesmaids to have dresses that suited each girl's taste and body type, so I gave them a bunch of options in similar yellow colors to choose from. I absolutely love the dresses they chose! I've never been a fan of the thing where all the bridesmaids wear the same dress and you tell them, "you can totally wear it to other events too!" Kristi actually wore her dress multiple times before the wedding, haha! Oh, and since I've been referring to names, it'd probably be best if I gave you faces. In the above photo from L-R it's: Kaela, Kristi, Me (obvi), Molly, and Anna.

The candy cigarettes reappear again! Kaela decided that we definitely needed to take bridesmaid photos with them, so she ran upstairs and grabbed them. Hilarity ensued.

This one is best.

photos by arrow & apple