secret compartments

Polka dots are growing on me guys. Polka dots and buttons. I remember as a kid I used to hate both of those things. Actually, thinking back, I would've balked at pretty much all the outfits I wear now, but I remember having a particular aversion to polka dots and buttons. Hence my "style phase" where I wore nothing but oversized t-shirts and sweat pants. Yes, there's quite a bit of photographic evidence of that phase. Luckily all those photos are back in Alaska, so no, you can't see them.

It always seems like my bangs get super long all of a sudden in one day. One day I just realize they are far overdue for a trim, and I wonder why it's not a gradual realization. Like, "oh man, next week I bet I'm gonna be jonesin' for a trim!" Nope, it's always, "Holy cow, I can't see! How did this happen?!" Okay, well I guess I'm not too emergently in need of a trim yet, but I'm going to trim them before I start getting mistaken for Cousin It.

dress + cardigan/courtesy of modcloth :: ring/courtesy of jewelmint
scarf/hand-me-down :: boots/courtesy of blowfish :: tote/courtesy of myremedy

Isn't that ring so cute? I'm a sucker for things with compartments, secret compartments especially. Even if the compartments are pretty much useless, like the one in this ring. I suppose you could put a photo in there, like a locket, or maybe some solid perfume. But still, I like secret compartments. I always wanted a house that had secret passageways, maybe a bookshelf that was actually a door to a secret library. We had a secret compartment in my old house and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever. I always wished there was a note in there hidden by a previous owner, or something like that. It reminds me of that part in Amélie where she finds the box hidden by the little boy, so great!