The Reception: A Surprise and Traditions

Unbeknownst to my to-be husband, I'd hatched a plan to sing a song to him! I was super nervous and wasn't even sure if I was going to do it, but after some pumping up by my bridesmaids, I grabbed the mic and went for it! In retrospect I'm glad I did it, but man was it nerve-wracking to sing in front of that many people. I've sung at open mic's before but in small venues with maybe 40 people at the most. It was fun, though, and I've heard it was the highlight of the reception, haha!

And then, of course, the typical traditions. I had bought two garters, one to keep and one to throw, but on the wedding day I didn't know where either of them were. The bridesmaids and I ran around looking for something we could McGuyver into a garter, which ended up being a ribbon from a gift bag and a hair clip. It was blue, though! I couldn't figure out what would be my "something blue" and it ended up being the jerry-rigged garter! Of course after the wedding I found them in a box at home. Typical.