The Reception: Dessert Table

I think the dessert table was my one of my favorite parts of putting together the reception. Nothing is more fun than a veritable cornucopia of cute vintage-y treats. We got our cake and cupcakes done at Corina Bakery and they were amazing. Since the wedding was in November, we had pumpkin flavored cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! The wedding cake itself was a red velvet cake. Yum! I'm excited to get another taste of our cake and cupcakes on our 1 year anniversary. I wasn't even aware of the tradition that you freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and eat it on your 1st anniversary! I'm glad someone was on top of things though, because when we got home, there was cake in the freezer! It was the perfect time of year to get some caramels, candy corn and caramel apples as well. I was afraid no one was going to go for the caramel apples because they're a bit labor intensive to eat, but I found a couple of my friends munching on them! And, of course, the flower girl was licking away at a lollipop.

I had found a cupcake tier I liked online, but it was pretty spendy– over $300 if I recall correctly. I immediately thought to myself that my Dad would totally be able to make it, especially since all the dimensions and specs were online for that expensive tier. He constructed it so it could be broken down and put into a suitcase, which was necessary since my family would be flying down from Alaska. A few minutes after we pulled it out of the suitcase and it was all set up and perfect. I was SO excited.

See the little flowers on top the cupcakes? So cute!

photos by arrow & apple