A MashUp of Favorites

Last night I finally got my last Christmas shopping done. Well, the things that can get done, that is. It's so weird to me to live somewhere that doesn't have snow during the holidays. I've always had a white Christmas (and Thanksgiving... and Halloween..) so it's a bit strange that we don't have to trudge through snow here in Tacoma. I guess it is nice, though, for taking outfit pictures. At least it's not 5º F when I go out for my outfit photos. However, I do love the way snow looks in photographs. It's so crisp and clean and pretty.

top/courtesy of ruche :: lace top/forever 21 :: coat/courtesy of modcloth
skirt/thrifted :: necklace+bracelets/courtesy of jewelmint (use code TACKY to get 50% off your 1st piece)

This outfit is kind of a mash-up of my favorite pieces. I wear the green top all the time, the sheer lace top is a favorite, the green skirt has been one of my favorite skirts for a long time, the boots are my fall/winter staple lately, the tights are on my legs all the time recently, and the coat I love too! I guess sometimes when I reach into my closet to put stuff on I just gravitate towards the pieces I most frequently wear.