DIY: Felt PomPom Bows

Last week I was hanging out with a friend and she had a Ladies Home Journal, or some magazine like that, that I was flipping through when I saw these little DIY felt pompoms. I knew they'd be super simple to make, so I took a mental picture and stashed it away in my mind to make later. I bought some felt this week to make them, and they're so easy it's kind of ridiculous.

What you'll need:
Glue Gun

Cut two strips of felt in different colors (if you want a multicolored pompom, if not, you can just do the same color). Cut fringe in both of them, the entire length of the strips.

If you want a bigger and/or multicolored pompom, lay the two fringed strips together and roll them up. If you want smaller ones, you can roll just the one strip.

To secure them so they don't unravel, put a dab of hot glue at the end of the roll. I also put a coating of hot glue on the whole bottom of the pompom so it doesn't come undone in the middle.

All done! You can attach them to your packages with a little dab of hot glue. You could make a ton of these sitting in front of the TV watching a movie or your favorite show, and then you have majorly cute bows to put on your holiday packages for Christmas instead of store-bought ones!