Autumn Hues

I'm pretty in love with this outfit. This dress is one of my favorites, but it's very much a summer sundress. Still, I put it on the other day and was sitting in my house thinking how it would be awfully cold to go outside, when I realized that I could easily layer a blouse underneath and solve that problem. Then later that day I got a lovely package in the mail including this cardigan, and then I went to target and found this coat and the rust colored tights. Wahoo! I got the coat from the kid's section at Target. I was browsing around in the women's section, but every coat I put on was just a bit too big, and I looked like a kid trying to wear her mom's fancy coats. I had resigned myself to not getting one, and then I found myself in the kid's section standing before a super cute navy jacket with toggle closures! Huzzah! Fits me perfectly. And guess what, I still have to roll up the cuffs of the sleeves. Apparently I have unnaturally short arms?

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: coat/target (kid's section) :: boots/dolce vita for target
cardigan/courtesy of modcloth :: tights/target :: top/vintage