The Winds of Change

Do you ever feel the winds of change approaching? Just light breezes at first, but then stronger and stronger until you can't ignore it anymore. I'm not big on change. Well, that's not true, but it takes me a long time to decide that I really want to do something and then go do it. I think this might be why I'm prone to huge changes spontaneously. I get to a point where I'm like, "JUST DO IT" and then in one day, or 3 hours, or 30 minutes I make the change. That was what it was like when I dyed my hair teal and pink, when I rearranged my living room and bedroom this week, when I cut bangs into my hair, oh three years ago. I get a bug in my brain and I can't stop it from burrowing further and further into my mind until I usually give in and do whatever the little bug has been saying. I think mostly this happens when my resistance to the change is at a weak point (aka, I'm PMSing). I say all this because, well, I've been thinking of cutting my hair for a long time. Years. Well, not actively thinking about it for years, but always wondering what it'd be like to have shorter hair. I always wanted it to be long for my wedding, and now that that's out of the way, the cut-your-hair bug has been more and more persistent. Which makes me think that one of these days I'll probably have a weak moment and the "JUST DO IT" voice will take over and you'll find me in my bathroom with scissors in hand and a pile of hair in the sink. Just saying. It could happen. So, you know... be prepared?

coat/tulle :: dress/nanette lepore :: skirt + scarf + hat/thrifted :: shoes/keds

Speaking of change, I've been doing a lot of staring at my closet. And flipping through it. And pulling things out, and putting them back. I'm realizing that my old way of "keeping a closet" doesn't really lend itself well to allowing for growth and change in terms of style. Most of the things in my closet I've had for at least a year and while I'm a huge fan of remixing and styling one item many ways, I think I need at least a mini closet makeover. It's hard for me to part with clothes because I always think, "well, what if in a few months I think of an outfit that this would be perfect for?" But... at the same time, if I get rid of that item and I infuse new pieces into my wardrobe, I'll be allowing for growth in my styling, rather than recycling the same old things over and over again. That being said, pending my ability to part with things, you might be seeing more stuff in my shop!