Mid Century Celebration

Since we wanted a pretty small wedding, we knew that we wouldn't be able to invite everyone we wanted to celebrate with, so Dan and I decided to have a party the day after the wedding at his old house where we could invite those who weren't invited to the actual wedding. It was fun! One of our friends got us two kegs and we had plenty of leftover candy and decorations from the wedding, so it was quite the festive evening! Plus, we told everyone it was a classy party, so they all dressed up in fancy outfits too!

I had originally bought this outfit to wear for my Mad Men bachelorette party, but the dress I was going to wear for the afterparty turned out to not fit me at all. So I returned that one, wore a dress I already owned for the bachelorette party and wore this outfit for the afterparty instead!

I bought a petticoat for this dress, too, in order to give it the appropriate 50's flare and I'm so glad I did! I want to get like three more petticoats now! They're just so fun for adding a vintage and feminine look to dresses.

dress, hat, petticoat & gloves/vintage from Vanity :: tights/forever 21 :: shoes/courtesy of Seychelles
photos by Kaela