Halloween Part II

Soooo, I may have worn three costumes this Halloween season. I was a pin up girl on Saturday night and then yesterday during the day I decided to dress up like a hippie chick. It looked a bit like what I normally wear, but I think it was costume-y enough for people to get it. The guy at the post office got it, at least! He was around for the hippie days, though. I'm not sure little kids would've "gotten it," and it wasn't a very spooky costume, so I changed into a witch outfit for trick-or-treaters. How was your guys' Halloween? Did you have trick-or-treaters? Did you dress up? What were you?

dress/courtesy of threadcase :: top/forever 21 :: vest(dress)/courtesy of modcloth
shades/thrifted :: shoes/courtesy of bc footwear :: necklace/handmade