Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, I don't even know where to start. Well, I guess I do ...

{ My wonderful new husband. Since I met Daniel six years ago he's been a huge blessing in my life and now, more than ever, his love and support bless me immeasurably on a daily basis.

{ Our little cozy house. It's only 440 square feet, but it's full of love and it's a perfect little love nest.

{ My family. I'm pretty sure this one's on the list every year, but their love was so ... tangible this year. I can't even express how amazing it is to have my family in total support of my marriage.

{ Our community here in Tacoma. It's been so amazing to be welcomed into such a supportive and loving community. It feels like I've lived here so much longer than a mere 11 months.

{ The prosperity we enjoy. While it sometimes feels like we're dirt poor, I know that comparatively we live like kings.

{ This blog. Over the past three years, it's been such an incredible and positive place. I'm super thankful for all the inspiration, friends, and beauty it's brought to my life!

{ Tacoma. So glad I live here. I even love the rain (most of the time, haha).

{ My friends. New and Old. I've made some new best friends in the past year who are just so awesome.

{ My kitchen. This one might seem silly, but I've been really loving being able to cook in my little kitchen! Living at camp all summer is great, and I love me some camp food, but learning how to cook new things is quickly becoming one of my favorite activities!

I don't think I could even really list everything I'm thankful for... but that's a start. And I'm also thankful to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving day here in Tacoma with my love and our amazing friends!

photo by Arrow & Apple