Flowers and espresso

The bridesmaid luncheon was a nice, relaxing time before everything kicked into high gear with the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, doing the bridesmaids' hair the night before the wedding, and then the wedding the next day!

After we ate lunch we cleared off the dining room table and got to work! Our long time family friends, Gerry and Janel stopped by and Janel helped us with flower arranging too. She's super crafty and has a great eye for design, so it was nice having her to help.

I sat on the floor nearby and finished up the favors for the wedding guests. We got little half pound bags of espresso beans from a local roaster on 6th Ave where we frequently stop to get a cup of coffee and chat. I really wanted to give people a favor that was nice, but also said something about Dan and I and our relationship. Since most of our date-esque times together are simply sitting together over coffee at local coffee shops (and that's how Dan asked me to be his girlfriend too!) we figured some coffee beans would be appropriate. Plus, it's very "Northwest" and a nice treat for people from out of town to take home, especially if they don't live in an espresso-friendly place.

For my bridesmaids, I got all of them a pair of my favorite Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins! I swear by these shoes and if you've been around the blog for very long, you've probably noticed. They're by far my most often worn shoes. Plus, I think they're super cute. I also got everyone a pair of white polka dot pair of tights and they wore both the shoes and the tights at the wedding!