dusty rose and seafoam

The weather has been getting quite chilly in Tacoma and we're definitely in tights territory now (and doubling up on tights too!). I got these tights for super cheap at forever 21 the week before the wedding. I think I had originally planned on wearing them for one of my wedding week outfits, probably my rehearsal dinner outfit, but I ended up wearing them pretty much every day, including with my wedding dress! They're already falling apart, but I'm considering going back and grabbing another pair, simply because they're so inexpensive and I really love the little hearts.

I've been loving married life, although the day after we returned from the honeymoon I got slammed with sickness and have been battling it ever since! I keep thinking I'm getting better, but then another wave of sick brings me back down. Dan has been wonderful though, nursing me back to heath and telling me I look pretty even when I have my sniffly face on, nasty tangly hair whipped up in some crazy bun and in head-to-toe sweatpants. I feel like I'm on the upswing now, so hopefully it's real this time. I hope you guys haven't fallen victim to any late-fall sicknesses!

dress/courtesy of asianicandy :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles
ring & tights/forever 21 :: necklace/courtesy of a lost feather

Asian iCandy sent me this lovely, ethereal little dress a couple weeks ago. It's a little short, and the waist line hits me really high and I'm only 5'1", so if you're on the taller end of the spectrum, take note! It's fun and pretty though and hits the spot when I'm in the mood for something girly and sweet. I think my favorite part of this outfit, though, is the shoes. Seychelles sent me them as a present for my wedding and I ended up wearing them for the party we had the day after the wedding which I wore with a sweet vintage dress. The color is just perfect and goes so nicely with this light, dusty pink dress.