Camera Bag Wishlist

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I'm still using my crappy little book bag that I used to haul my school books around in as my carry-all laptop/camera bag, but as Christmas approaches I've been taking a look at some camera bags that strike my fancy. I'm pretty specific when it comes to what kind of camera bag I get, simply because it needs to carry multiple things and I also need to be able to carry it on my bike, plus it's a big investment. The reason I use the bag I currently do is because it's a messenger bag and I can easily sling it around my body, hop on my bike and ride around, oh and it's free.

I think my favorites from this list are the Union Street Bag from Ona (#6), the Libby bag from Kelly Moore (#1) and the Brooklyn bag from Ona (#5). The Brooklyn bag isn't really as multipurpose as I'd like, but it's just so pretty! The most functional, I think, is probably the Union Street Bag. Not only does it have ample space for a camera and laptop, it also is made out of wax infused cotton canvas which seems like it would be useful for a bit of rain-proofing (which those of us here in the Northwest are in desperate need of!). I also still love the Libby Bag from Kelly Moore, though. It's both pretty and has all the capacity I need, plus it's got a messenger strap.

Do you guys have a camera bag you love? Where did you get it? If not, which of the above are your favorites?