Braided Headband DIY from A Beautiful Mess

Hi there! This is Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess. We had some leftover floral tights that we decided to restyle into a cute headband. This would be a great project if you have a few pairs of tights that have gotten runs in them but you don't want to just throw them out. Here's what we did:

1. Cut the legs and feet off of the tights.

2. Cut the legs into thin ribbons (as thick or thin as you prefer).

3. Tie three strands into a knot on one end.

4. Braid the strands until the braided band is long enough to fit comfortable around your head.

5. Tie the ends together.

6. Trim any excess pieces.

Now you are ready to wear your new headband! You can wear it high up on the top or your head, or lower down on your crown. What's great about using tights for the base of this headband is that the material has built-in stretch, so it can stay on your head without slipping off. Enjoy!

xo. Elsie and Emma