Bridesmaids and lollipops

Some of my bridesmaids (and my lovely Maid of Honor) live out of town, but I went up to Seattle last week to visit two of my bridesmaids and I wanted to do something fun to ask them to be my bridesmaids. I remembered Elsie making cute little candy jars with Instax Mini photos to give to her bridesmaids, and I wanted to do something sweet like that. I had been to the dollar store earlier this summer to get some supplies for camp and I saw these awesome huge lollipops there that were so much fun and totally whimsical. When I thought about what I could do for my bridesmaids I knew that these lollipops had to be involved.

They were really easy and fun to make and only took a few supplies:

I tied a bow around the lollipop stick with the yellow and green ribbon (alas, I'm terrible at making bows... probably a skill I should acquire), and then I used a lighter to since the tips of the ribbon to keep them from fraying. After that, I cut two little slits in the instant photo, through which I threaded a smaller ribbon and then tied a bow so the photo was attached to the lollipop as well. Then I just wrote my little bridesmaid request on the photo and was good to go!

I think this would be a fun little DIY for a baby shower too, like with pink or blue lollipops. Lollipops are just so fun!