Bloom Photo E-course

The lovely Rachel from Moonflowers Photography let me take a look at her photography e-course this month and I wanted to share a bit about it! She's got two photo e-courses, one self led and the other one which is instructor-guided. I did the self-led instant access version of the class and it was really great to have access to the knowledge of someone who has more experience with the technical aspect of photography. I took a darkroom class in college, but other than that, most of my photography is self taught.

In the instant access course, you work at your own pace. You'll get your login with in 24 hours after purchase, and then have access to all of the lessons, assignments and reviews right away. You learn about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, composition, editing and more! And with the class, you receive a set of Photoshop actions, a set of textures as well as a PDF download of the course. The instant access version of Bloom costs $89.

The instructor guided class is led by Rachel and you have 5 weeks of lessons during which you do assignments, get to watch videos or podcasts by Rachel talking more about the lesson, have discussion forums, and can share your photos on the flickr group. You go through the same lessons as the instant access course, but guided by Rachel you'll discuss creative processing, film vs digital, polaroid film, composition, and much more! The next instructor guided class starts on October 3rd and there's only 80 spots available in the class, so if you want to sign up for that, make sure you do it soon!