Staff Party!

We made it! On Sunday night the staff all got together after cleaning the entire camp and sat down to celebrate making it through another successful camp summer. It was a nice night just relaxing with the great people I've become friends with over the past two months recollecting all the good, bad and crazy times we had. Kaela and I decorated and got everything ready. We had fun arranging candy kabobs and setting up the kabob buffet bar. It was actually a cool concept that I'd never thought of before, having people make up their own kabob with whatever they wanted on it. Pretty fun! My favorite was shrimp slathered in barbeque sauce, mmmmm.

I'm glad to be back in Tacoma now. Trying to figure out what the next few months are going to look like, but it's great to be back in familiar places with familiar faces. I've got a ton of stuff lined up for the next few months, and I can't wait to share some exciting news with you guys!