put a bird on it!

My brain has been buzzing about lately! So much excitement and planning to be done. Dan and I went to check out an apartment this afternoon! It wasn't really what we were looking for, but it's fun to think about settling in together. We went thrifting yesterday and he was telling me how excited he is to get our new place all set up. It makes me so happy that we're excited about the same things. I feel like guys are always portrayed as rolling their eyes and being annoyed about stuff like weddings and "nesting," so it's really wonderful to feel like we're both in this together and really excited. It's also been amazing to have all our friends surround us with support and encouragement. I've only been in Tacoma for about nine months, but the friends I've made in those short months are just so incredible.

back in the game dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/fred meyer :: necklace/shop in Kihei, HI

I've wanted this dress ever since I saw it in a storefront on 6th ave in Tacoma, but I felt silly getting a pretty dress while I was at camp. It's been out of stock on ModCloth for a while, but it just came back in stock and I snatched it up immediately! I love the little bird print! Whenever I see something with a bird on it now all I can think of is the Put A Bird On It sketch from Portlandia, haha.