plaid to the bone

I realized the other day that I missed this little blog's 3rd birthday! Sorry blog! I thought it'd be a fun idea to go back and have a look at some of the prints and styles that have been consistent with me since I've started blogging. Who would've thought that I'd still be at this blogging thing three years after I logged in and wrote my first post? I'm still loving it and am so thrilled about all the great people I've met and experiences I've had because of blogging!

One of my wardrobe staples is probably always going to be plaid. It's probably the Alaskan in me, but a great plaid top or dress is always going to be somewhere in my closet. I decided to go back and look through my archives to see all the different ways I've worn plaid in the past. It's always going to be something I love wearing, but it's fun to see how many different ways It can be styled. Is plaid an essential item in your closet? Also, is it possible to have the word "plaid" in a post title without making it into a pun? If you're me= no.