it's getting hot in here

It's been in the 80's here in Tacoma and for me and my used-to-Alaskan-temperatures self... that's hot. I know I won't be getting any sympathy from those of you living in places where it's actually hot, but still. 80 degrees is up there for me. Most of my outfits lately have been super simple and relatively boring, including this one. I've also been in transition moving from camp back into town and trying to get all my ducks in a relatively row-like orientation, so putting on clothing has been utilitarian at best. I've discovered that I'm better at dressing for cooler temperatures. Layers + Me = BFF

dress/forever 21 :: shoes/courtesy of strut :: belt/target

I've got an enormous list of DIY projects and other wedding related things I need to do, some of which I'm starting on pretty soon, since we're doing a quick turnaround. I can't believe we'll be married by (hopefully) Thanksgiving! Eep! But I'm glad that we are both on the same page with wanting a short engagement. My parents got married three months after their engagement, and I've always felt like having a short engagement, so it's not a big surprise to me that we'll be doing this in a few short months. We aren't paying a lot of attention to what people might expect of us, or what weddings "should" be like (um, the average cost of a wedding in the US is $28,000??? No thank you). We want a small ceremony and reception with just close family and friends. I'm excited!