family first

We have two family camp sessions at Sound View during the summer and this year I offered family portrait sessions for any of the families. We offered it initially as a door prize for 4 winners, but then so many people expressed interest that we just ended up opening it up for anyone to sign up for. It was really fun! I've never done family portraits before, other than my own family for our Christmas cards. I definitely have a lot of respect for people who take photos of little kids on a regular basis, I'm amazed at how much some of them hate having their photo taken! Haha. I'm like... If you just smile for like three seconds this will all be over in mere moments. Granted, some of the adults didn't like having their photo taken either, hah! A lot of the families asked me about doing more portraits later this year, so maybe I'll start getting in to doing some family sessions! My favorite family to shoot was Jason, Kaela and Crosby, my friends and the Summer Directors at camp this year. It was nice to shoot with people I felt so comfortable with after doing a bunch of sessions with people I'd only just met!