Style Yourself

I got a copy of Style Yourself this week and I'm really impressed! When I heard about this book I thought it might be like Style Diaries where it just featured outfits from various bloggers, but this book has a ton of information! It shows illustrations of different styles of all kinds of garments, from shorts, to skirts to dresses to shoes and so on, giving you names of the different styles so you can know what is being referred to when someone mentions a shift dress or a top with french darts, or a skirt with knife pleats. It's really a wonderful and easy reference, especially for someone who isn't that into fashion or has little knowledge of fashion terminology. There are hundreds of pages of examples of remixes, use of accessories, bloggers styling dresses, shorts, rocker tees, and so on. Plus, there are tips throughout by a bunch of bloggers such as Keiko Lynn, Rebecca, Rhiannon, Jennine and many more!