the right stuff

My mom came into town this past week for a couple days and we had a ton of fun! I haven't seen her since visiting home back in May, so it was great to catch up. It was so perfect that she ended up being in town on my off-week from camp. We met up in Tacoma and then drove down to Portland because she had to return something to the Ikea down there. We stayed overnight at a family friends' house and then drove back the next day. A quick trip but the drive down and back afforded us plenty of time to talk and catch up. Dan thinks it's pretty funny that my family is such a road tripping family. We're always driving here or there, making trips from place to place. It's definitely an activity my family enjoys a lot! Driving is actually one thing that I will do if I'm super stressed out or upset-- just get in my car and start driving, not even with a destination in mind. I love the sound of the engine and the road beneath my tires. It's very soothing and relaxing for me. I've always said that the inside of my car is the place that feels most like a sanctuary.

dress/dainty june via modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of darlingtonia moccassins

This is one of my favorite dresses of all time. If you remember almost a year ago I did a post on Dainty June's collection that I fell in love with. Well, a few months ago Modcloth had a mega sale and I snatched this beauty up for really cheap! I wore it a couple times and then on Dan's birthday I was making him dinner and I got oil splatters on it! Ack! I tried to get it out but I only made them slightly less noticeable. Oh well!