My Favorite Winne Moments

Since many of you are new readers and weren't around for when I was a ramblin' woman on the road in the Brave, I thought it'd be cool to share some of my favorite Brave moments from my road trip! For a little recap, last year around January I decided to just go for one of my life dreams: living in a vintage 70's Winnebago Brave while traveling around the country. I worked for months saving up money for both the trip and for a Brave, and I finally found the perfect companion in May, 2010. Worked for a few more months, saving up money, and finally left my home in Anchorage, Alaska in September. If you want to see the map of my journey, click here! I was on the road for 3 months and drove about 11,000 miles total.

Obviously one of the best moments of my adventures with the Brave, was actually getting it! I saw the Brave on Craigslist one evening, called the guy who owned it and went that evening to get a look at it. The next day I took the money out of the bank, went back to see the Winne again after work, test drove it and then bought it! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!! As soon as I saw it on Craigslist I knew it was "the one". It was a dead ringer for a painting I'd done of my ideal Brave three years prior!

Getting to live in the Winne was so amazing and I'm thrilled to get to live in it again this summer! My brain is trying to scheme a way that I could live in the Brave in Tacoma now, haha. Well, hopefully those of you who are newer have more of a background on the Brave. If you want to get a look at all of my Brave adventures, click here or on the "Brave" tab in my nav bar above!