different names for the same thing

It's still weird seeing myself with brown hair. I think the weird part is that it's not really that weird. I see pictures of it red and it's like that was the longest dream ever. A year long ginger dream. I suppose in reality it was only a blink of an eye. I spent only 1/24th of my life as a ginger. I'll go back to red someday, I just adored having red hair. I have a lot of clothes that I've never worn with dark hair and it's interesting how having a different hair color changes the vibe of something. I put on one of my older dresses the other day and I realized that I very rarely wore it with red hair, but now that my hair is dark again I immediately grabbed it and put it on. This beige dress is one I'm pretty sure I've never worn with dark hair so it's interesting to see it with a different look!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/fred meyer :: belt/Calico, CA tourist shop