Some days I try to put together a cute outfit, but especially during staff training outfits like this have been my daily norm. Plus, what's better than jeans and a great, comfy plaid shirt when you're camping in the woods? I'm looking forward to smelling like campfire all summer long. Oh, and here at camp all I want to do is run around in moccasins everywhere I go. I'm always super impressed with my Darlingtonia Moccasins. I've been running around in these cute little moccs for over a year- rain, shine, snow, etc- and they are so sturdy. Plus, they are probably the most comfortable of any shoes I own. So squishy and soft and awesome! Red Velvet teamed up with Darlingtonia to do a special series of moccasins and they're really cute!

These photos actually remind me of a photo my Dad took of my Mom when they were either dating or just married, I can't remember. It's one of my favorite pictures of my mom for some reason. I just like to think about her and my dad being my age and having adventures like Dan and I have. Isn't it kind of strange to think that parents used to be just like us? I guess it's not as hard for me to think about because my parents still seem so youthful in their hearts, but I think when we're kids we see our parents as something totally different than us, when really they went through all the stages we went through. Being kids, teenagers, young adults, newlyweds, new parents, etc. It's easy to forget that they have probably experienced almost everything we have and are now experiencing.

top & jeans / levi's :: top/target :: shoes/courtesy of Darlingtonia Moccasins

I have my guitar here at camp and I'm going to be playing at campfires every once in a while. Hopefully this will encourage me to play more, get better and maybe do some recording! I've had one song 99% done with recording for about 3 months and I have yet to finish it and put it online, so I'm going to try to make that happen soon! One of the song we're doing this summer is a cover of Joan Baez and I love it! Maybe I'll do my own cover of it and put it online...