time traveling

Look! Ginger version of me! Yes, these photos are from before I dyed my hair. I didn't get tired of my pink/teal hair that quickly (though washing my hair with cold water IS getting old quickly. Brr! Worth it though, to keep from the dye washing out immediately). It's funny because people will come up to me and have wide eyes and tell me how much they love my hair and for a second I'll totally forget that I don't have this hair any more. I don't notice my hair in my peripheral and for some reason it seems totally normal to me that I have wacky, vibrant colors in my hair.

jolene crop top/courtesy of alainn bella :: cardigan/target :: skirt/thrifted
shoes/minnetonka :: tote/courtesy of swap.com

Alainn Bella sent me this lovely crop top earlier this month to do a review. I adore the print and fabric. I opted to wear it backwards since otherwise it's basically unwearable due to excessive boobage exposure. Though, since it's a one size fits all kind of deal, it might just be due to my small stature, because it looks pretty good on the model on their site. But even on the model I like how it looks backwards better! I can't wait to wear this again. It's super cute and comfy and I bet it'll even look good in the fall with the leaf print!

I'm really loving crop tops this summer. They're so loose and carefree, perfect for the summer months. I also like that you can wear them with high waisted skirts or cardigans, making them more versatile. I'm new to the whole styling-crop-tops thing though so it's a lot of trial and error. A lot of clothes on the bed in front of my mirror after trying different things.