Sunny Lazy Days

A few weeks ago it was absolutely gorgeous in Tacoma so a bunch of friends got together and spent the whole day sitting around, grilling up burgers, drinking cheap beer, walking to the convenience store for ice cream, and playing with a tiny snake friend! Snake friend decided to make a little bed out of my floppy hat, so cute! I love snakes. Especially little ones. This one is going to grow up to be pretty big, but I like them at this size. They just seem like portable snakey friends when they are so small!

One time I was in Seattle with a friend during the big snowstorm of 2008 and we were at the bus stop waiting for it to show up, but they were all really delayed because of the snow. We ended up meeting this really bizarre guy who had a small snake, about the same size as this one, wrapped around his neck to keep it warm under his dreadlocks. Its name was penelope. The guy was going to school studying witchcraft, if I remember correctly. When he got on the bus, he proceeded to sing Christmas hymns very loudly. Such an odd encounter!