food, fun & friends!

More Memorial Day Weekend shenanigans! Like I said in my post yesterday we went to two barbecues on Memorial Day, one down on Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park, and another at a friend's house in Old Town. Double BBQ action! Double S'more action! Daniel doing backflip action! Banjo action! Singing along to Flight of the Conchords songs action! Haha. It was a great day full of tons of friends, yummy food and lots of laughs.

The house below is near my friend's place and is one of the most magical houses I've ever seen. It's condemned and so no one (legally) lives there, though I've heard it's got a few squatters (of whom I am totally jealous). It looks like it's just been cobbled together from like three different houses, has at least three stories, a staircase that goes to the roof, a spiral staircase running top to bottom inside (so I'm told), and looks as if its architect was a bunch of 7 year olds. Whenever I see run-down, condemned houses I just want to tell the city of Tacoma to give it to me! I'll love it and make it a liveable space! Remodeling houses is in my blood, so it's probably inevitable that I would have such feelings. My parents love to fix up homes. My Dad was a carpenter with his dad growing up building houses before going to college. I've gleaned a few things from him over the years helping out with various work projects, so I think I'd have a blast fixing up an old house!

The winner of the Blowfish Giveaway is... Codi Ann! Congrats!