dual denim

Taking pictures at camp is awesome. It feels so great to do outfit photos in a natural environment again! It's like I'm back at home in Alaska. I love Tacoma, but doing outfit photos in town isn't as fun as frolicking out in the woods. Western Washington definitely earns the title of "The Evergreen State." Everything is just this vibrant alive color of green. While I've acclimated to really enjoying the city environment of Tacoma, I think I'll always have the wilderness residing deep inside me, calling me home. You can take the girl out of Alaska, but you can't take Alaska out of the girl.

dress/courtesy of spotted moth :: shoes/courtesy of strut :: top/courtesy of alainn bella

I'm not usually a matchy kind of person, but when I saw these shoes next to this dress, I knew they wanted to be friends. I've had this dress for about a year and while I don't wear it all that frequently, it's still a dress I really like. Every once in a while it's just perfect! I think this is why I hate getting rid of clothes, because I always think, "but what if I want to wear that in a year! What if I give it away and then I have this perfect opportunity to wear it and now it's gone!?" Haha. I'm definitely a recovering pack rat. Literally. I had saved every geometry homework assignment from my freshman year of high school... because I thought they might be useful one day...?? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Since then I've moved around quite a bit and moving is definitely a great way to encourage catharsis and getting rid of those random things that I hold on to for one reason or another. Living in the Brave was definitely awesome for that because there simply wasn't room for random junk to accumulate! I'm glad that I am able to let go of things now. I still have that tendency to want to keep things but at least I can get rid of stuff more easily now!