1022 X 2

Something about being at 1022 just makes me want to take pictures of everything. The interior is gorgeous and all their drinks look so pretty and photogenic. I end up leaving there with a camera full of photos. This is probably due to the blogging culture I live in, but I have started to love taking pictures of all sort of things- food, flowers, people, textures, etc. Even my ancient Nokia 6010 snuck into a photo, haha.

I love showing people around Tacoma (even though I'm still a newbie myself), simply because I love this city and I feel like most people either don't know about Tacoma at all, or they have this concept of Tacoma skewed by the infamous "aroma of Tacoma" and by what they see of Tacoma driving through on I-5 (that's not Tacoma, people). I personally feel like I've found a kindred spirit in this city and I adore it. I'm certainly going to miss this place over the next two months.

I'm so glad Kris got to come visit. It's a huge bummer that it's a bit dreary here, to say the least, for most of the year. She really loved Tacoma and would definitely consider moving here if it wasn't for that, oh, majority of the year when the sun is veiled by a thick layer of clouds & rain. She's a sun person. Luckily I've never been a victim of Seasonal Affective Disorder, so the clouds and rain don't bother me too much. Kristi kept dropping hints that maybe she'd be coming back soon for ... an event. Let's just say she's not too subtle about wanting Dan & I to tie the knot. Haha! I'm pretty sure she almost accidentally called him my fiance once or twice. This girl has been my FMOH (future maid of honor) for about a decade now and has said Dan & I were going to get married since we met in '05, so now that we're actually dating I'm pretty sure she's just waiting for the "I'm engaged!" phone call. Haha.