two more times

Weather in Washington took a turn for the dreary, so I thought that Saturday's barbeque was going to be the only hurrah of the weekend, but yesterday Dan and I went to TWO barbecues! Haha. First we headed down to Owen Beach out at Point Defiance Park and it was definitely the happenin' spot in town. There were tons of families grilling up hot dogs and burgers and kids were running all around playing frisbee and catch, some were even braving the cold Puget Sound waters! It was pretty great to see people all out and about enjoying the day off.

After that we headed to a friend's house where a bunch of people were drinking beer, laughing, and yup, more grilling! Burgers, hot dogs and s'mores... again! I'm pretty thankful for how seamlessly I've felt like I've transitioned into this group of friends here in Tacoma. I truly enjoy these people. I took pictures at both barbecues so I'll probably be sharing those soon. More barbeque pics! Bring it on.

top + skirt/thrifted :: cardigan + leggings/target :: boots/courtesy of BC footwear

This outfit is from last week some time, I can't remember. As you can see... it's still legging weather. Dan says, "Summer in Washington starts July 5th. Because it always rains on the 4th of July. After that, it's fine." Haha. Washington, you tease. That's what we get for living in one of the rainiest places in America (although I just looked it up and apparently Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY and Cleveland, OH all have more rainy days per year than Seattle or Portland).