Memorial Day Weekend!

Yaay! Memorial Day weekend! Dan and I were sitting at a coffee shop chatting with friends when we decided it would be a great idea to have a barbeque. So we went back to his house to get the grill all set up and it turned out that the propane tank had gone missing and the grate for the actual grill part was missing too. So instead of having a legit barbeque, we just fried the burgers up on the stove, which turned out just fine! Our friend Bryan made amazing patties and sauteed mushrooms and I slathered barbeque sauce on mine with some cheese, tomatoes and avocado. Wash it down with a Corona & lime? Yummmm.

It still hasn't reached summer temperatures up here in Washington (or at least not on the west side), so we made a little fire to keep us warm. When Dan and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things before the barbeque we walked past an aptly merchandised shelf that has all the makings for s'mores and we fell prey to it and immediately grabbed the neighboring marshmallows, graham crackers and hershey chocolate bars. Sooo delicious.

After the fire died down and it got to be too chilly to hang out outside, we ventured inward and played a couple rounds of Taboo before everyone got sleepy and went home. It was so much fun and it makes me kind of bummed that I'll be away at camp for two months and have to miss out on more of these amazing get togethers. I'll be back in August though, and hopefully the summer will linger on through September so I can partake in a few end-of-summer barbecues.