may flowers

Well, my post from the other day still hasn't been restored. Boo. Hopefully it will be eventually. It's been lovely weather lately, not too much rain. It's supposed to rain today, according to the weather report, but it's beautiful and sunny for now.

When I got this beautiful vintage dress in the mail from Blouse Shoppe, I knew I had to save it for a sunny day. The colors are just too bright and fun to wear on a drab, rainy day. It reminds me a lot of a dress Betty Draper would wear. It's funny that those of us who are Mad Men fans now have descriptions like, "oh that looks just like a Peggy Olson outfit" or "Joan would totally wear that dress." Haha! I love it.

vintage dress/courtesy of Blouse :: shoes/vintage bandolinos :: hair bow/handmade

Did anybody have any crazy weirdness happen on Friday the 13th? I didn't have anything too crazy happen, just stressful situations and too much going on. My cafe closed yesterday and I was planning on being there for the last open mic, but then some good friends texted me and informed me that they were together in Seattle hanging out. One is from Austin, TX and the other from Anacortes, WA so I rarely get to see them. I figured I should take the opportunity to seize the moment and run up to Seattle to visit them. Unfortunately, I had no clue where they were, other than two roads they'd mentioned, so I got off the highway on the one road and started looking for the other... and somehow got completely lost. I have never been lost. Even driving around the entire country, I've always been able to tell you which direction is which, or even how to backtrack. It was totally bizarre. So I just kept driving until I ran into the highway again, and tried again. Second time around I found them. Nevertheless, it was kind of a strange night, but really great to see them.