INDIE Testimonials

It's been a while since Tieka and I debuted the INDIE Blogger E-Course, but I wanted to share some of the wonderful things some of our participating bloggers have said about it!

Thanks so much for this inspiring ecourse!! Enjoying it and learning so much- working on implementing several of your tips! Sometimes it's easy to feel so overwhelmed out here in blogland, but listening to each of your unique voices has been empowering. Thanks girls!
- Love Fox Vintage

So glad to have signed up for this! I learned so much more than what I would have figured out on my own. Tieka, Elizabeth - you girls rock and should be proud of what you do. Thank you!
- Kaye

I have been meaning to get started on my blog but my hectic tax season haven't allowed me to do so. I am really glad I attended this conference and got to know all the info I could possibly need to get started ..THANK YOU so much Teika and Elizabeth!
This was really worth it!
- Reetika

I agree with everyone. This was awesome! There was so much information to absorb. I'm hoping that I will have more time to look at all of it. Thanks again!
- Carrie

This course was perfect and i still find myself coming back to it for reference.
I'm buying a DSLR this week and can't wait to put all the great photography tips into action!
- Grace

I've really gotten into my own blog lately, though I have been reading personal style blogs for years. I attended the INDIE E-Conference and I learn so much about blogging. Thank you for all the hard work you and Tieka did, it was so wonderful!
- Brittany

Tieka and I had a great time putting it on and hopefully we'll be able to put something together for Fashion Week this fall! The INDIE E-course is still available for anyone who wants to sign up! For more info, click here! If you've already taken the INDIE E-Course and want to submit your testimonial, go ahead and send one to me in an email at!