the evergreen state

Tacoma is getting so beautiful lately! Everything has become this vibrant green and the flowers and trees are all blooming, it's lovely! I suppose Washington is the "evergreen state". Though having lived on the east side of the state, I can definitely attest to the fact that that is not always the case. I suspect it probably has to do with the fact that western washington is a rainforest.
A couple years ago my family RV'd around the Olympic peninsula and we went up to the Hoh Rainforest in the Olympic National Park and it was just absolutely gorgeous. The whole Olympic Peninsula is beautiful with the mossy trees, the misty coastline, the creeks and rivers, the hot springs, the forest hikes. This summer I wanted to go on an RV trip with the Brave around the Olympic Peninsula, but with gas prices skyrocketing, it's probably not going to be an option.

top/forever 21 :: cardigan/gap :: scarf/toil & trouble :: jeans/courtesy of jessica simpson
scarf/toil & trouble :: Junction shoes/ courtesy of blowfish

When I was up in Anchorage I went to Black Elk Leather, Beads & Stones, which is an awesome store full of beads, feathers, stones, findings, and all sorts of incredible crafty stuff. It's where I got the studs for my leather studded purse DIY, and I was gonna get some long studs to make some jean shorts like Betty's but instead I got these feathers to make a little hair wrap. I know a few people who have the little feather extensions in their hair and I like those, but they're so small I felt like they'd just get lost in my hair. Some of you asked for a tutorial of how I did it, (it's super easy, I think I did it in 3o minutes or so) so I'll try to get one posted. If you guys ever got a hair wrap as a kid (I remember getting one at Disney World, haha!), it's done exactly the same way, just with the feathers attached with a jewelry end crimp.