doors closing, opening

Well, this week has been interesting. And rollercoaster-y. And emotion-filled. I know I told you guys a few days ago about career decisions and stuff going on in Chez Elizabeth, but I didn't really want to say anything until I knew what the end result was going to be.

In the past week and a half and opportunity came up for me to buy a coffee shop/cafe. I've been considering starting a coffee shop for quite some time, mostly because I love the community that a coffee shop can foster. I love the idea of having a place where students can come study, families can come and grab a snack, and a place where local artists and musicians are able to show their work and play. This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and when I found out that my favorite coffee shop was going up for sale, I immediately leapt at the opportunity! When I moved to Tacoma, I had the idea in my head and when I walked into that coffee shop I was a little bit disappointed... they were doing exactly what I had been thinking of doing! The opportunity to take it over, rebrand it and make it into my own was super exciting. I flew home to Alaska on Sunday (some of you may have seen me tweet about hanging out with my mom or family, yup, I'm up in AK!) to talk with my parents about the idea and see what they thought about it. I was ready to pull the trigger and go ahead! But. In my talks with the landlord, he made it clear that he wouldn't allow any music because of noise complaints from the current cafe's open mic nights. No music=basically a deal breaker. The thing I loved about my concept was that it created this space where the community could come together and local up-and-coming musicians could play small shows. The music was an integral part of my idea.

So unfortunately now there will probably be some silly pizza place or something going into an incredible location on 6th Avenue. It kind of breaks my heart because the location is a prime space for exactly what I wanted to put there. I loved that it was right in the heart of my favorite part of Tacoma. It'll be hard to see something else occupy that space (especially since the coffee shop it'll be replacing is my favorite place in town. And where Dan asked me to be his girlfriend. I kind of have a soft spot for it). I'm confident that since it wasn't the right move for me there'll be something else. I just have to wait for that thing to be revealed.

top & cardigan/forever 21 :: bow headband/handmade :: shorts/diy :: shoes/keds

It's been nice to be home though, if only for 5 days. Mom said it was her Mother's Day gift to herself to fly me home! It's funny because it's about the same temperature in AK as in Tacoma. Actually, it was probably warmer at times! (and not raining). It's funny to think that Alaska will always always be my home. Even if my parents move to the lower 48, I'll always think of Alaska as my home. I have such a strong connection to it. Almost as if it is engrained in my molecules.

I have a bunch of photos from this past week, so I'll try to get those posted in a timely fashion. And I still have to post a giveaway! So much to do, so little time, haha. Such is life.