baby blue, powder pink

I almost titled this post "It's a boy/girl!" but then I realized that everyone would immediately assume I was pregnant (which is not the case), so I decided against it. That's a cruel joke to play on you guys. But still, I am wearing very baby-ish shades of pink and blue. No babies for me though, haha.

But speaking of babies, my mama is coming into town with my two brothers this afternoon, so she'll have all her babies together! We've got some big projects we have to complete in the next few days (including moving the Brave to it's new home at camp!), so I may be MIA for a bit. Even though I'm technically unemployed at the moment (or between jobs, I suppose) I feel like I'm doing even more! I have a ton of stuff to get done in the next two weeks! It's been so nice being able to see family pretty frequently the past couple months. I took a little Mother's Day visit to Alaska a few weeks ago, saw my Dad last week and this week I get to see my Mom and Bros!

skirt/courtesy of modcloth :: top & cardigan/forever 21 :: shoes/target

I had on tights earlier in the day before I took these photos, but the day got nice and toasty warm, so I decided to shed them in celebration of more summery temperatures. I've take to changing my outfit like two or three times a day, simply because the temperature fluctuates so much. In the morning when I go to coffee with Dan I almost always have to wear a coat, then in the afternoon (if it's a sunny day), I have to switch to something more summer appropriate, and then in the evening I have to put on pants or tights again so I don't freeze riding my bike.

It doesn't help that I'm going through a wardrobe mental crisis. Dan always makes fun of me when he comes over to my apartment because my bed has piles of clothes from discarded outfit attempts. I've been having a harder time finding something I want to wear lately. Perhaps I'm growing out of my wardrobe. I'm not the kind of girl who buys new clothes for every season (not that I could afford it anyway), so a lot of the things in my closet I've had for at least a year, if not more. I suppose that could explain some of my hermit-crab-growing-out-of-it's-shell type feelings regarding my clothes...