sun sun sun, here it comes

The sun may have come, but I'm sure it's just passing through on its way somewhere more southern. It was glorious while it lasted though!! I sat outside and read for hours. It's supposed to be sunny all day today, but according to the forecast, tomorrow it's back to the daily grind: rain.

The last time I wore this dress I had just cut off about 3 feet from the bottom and it remained unhemmed until Thursday when I finally did it. Once the ratty edge was all nice and hemmed up it I wore it two days in a row, haha! It's just so comfy and I can't wear that print without feeling happy.

dress/altered vintage muumuu :: shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: shades/f21 or wetseal?
jacket/shop in palm springs

I got the embroidered jacket quite a few years ago in Palm Springs with my mom when we went down to say goodbye to my horse Taco for the last time. I had to sell him when I went to college because I couldn't keep riding and doing college at the same time. I was really sad to say goodbye to him, he was one of my best friends and a wonderful companion. I hope that he is just as happy today as he was with me. He was more than a handful, but all that personality made him an incredible jumper. We had some great times and brought home quite a few blue ribbons. I miss riding very much, but I can't see it being a part of my life in the future. Who knows, though!