Like a Virgin

I know I'm about a decade late to this party, but I just saw The Virgin Suicides for the first time a few days ago and I absolutely loved it. It's set in one of my favorite time periods so the whole set and styling made my insides do little excited squiggles the whole time! It's on Netflix instant play, if anyone has Netflix and wants to watch it!

The styling just has this amazing 70's, summer, young vibe. It reminds me of summers in Spokane when I would ride my little pink stingray banana-seat bike on hot afternoons to the liquor store with my friends, and then laze around on blankets in the front yard sipping on summery mixed drinks.

I liked the styling so much that I decided to create some style inspiration boards based on a few of the characters. Most of the items are from Modcloth, and if you click the photo it'll link you to what every piece is.