I found this lovely lady via Lookbook and just fell in love with her looks. I've saved the first photo to my desktop so I remember that I want to recreate that amazing outfit. I love how easy and simple her looks are. Plus, I'm blaming her for making me want to keep my red hair. Every time I think I'm gonna go back to black, I see someone like this and can't bring myself to ditch the red! Now if only my bangs would cooperate like hers do! Haha.

Well, my Dad is in town for the weekend, so we've got a lot to do, which means I might be MIA for a bit. I'm pretty excited! I haven't seen him since Christmas, so it'll be good times hanging out. Plus, I get to visit the Brave this weekend! Yay! Oh! I forgot some exciting news! I'm showing my art at the Beyond the Bridge Cafe on 6th Ave in Tacoma! It was kind of last minute. The girl who was going to show decided to do next month instead, so they had an opening and I snagged it! I put up my work yesterday afternoon and it'll be up all month. I'm showing my Brave print, so if any of you want one you might want to get it quick, because now they're also for sale IRL at the cafe. I'm pretty excited. I haven't had my work hanging anywhere but on my own walls since my Senior Exhibition in 2009!