Field Tested

One of my lovely readers shared this Roots Lookbook with me and I immediately fell head over heels in love with it. It actually makes me want to just up and leave Tacoma right this second, hop in the Brave and get back on the road to the Southwest. The photos remind me of those warm evenings in Arizona with the sun sliding down the sky as the day grew dim. As the gross winter days continue here in the Northwest, looking at these photos is like taking a mini mental vacation.

I really love pretty much everything shown in this lookbook, too. I'm really loving the adventurer, outdoorsy-girl look, and I can never resist a Navajo print. I've been wanting a cute shirtdress lately and they've got some great ones. Oh! And they've got the best leather backpacks and messenger bags, which I've been aching for lately too! I kind of just wish I could live in this lookbook... Knits, boots, shirtdresses, messenger bags, Navajo prints, bikes. Le sigh. It's too good.

Don't forget to pop over to the new Delightful Dozen website for the launch party today! Twelve hours of fun posting by all of the Dozen ladies!

Also, the winner of the Blowfish Shoes giveaway is... Lindsay Harmony! Congrats, girl!