Ball & Chain

This favorite human being of mine just happens to be having a birthday today! It's so crazy to me that we met when we were both 18, it seems so long ago, and yet, not long ago at all. Time is odd like that. Yesterday I went out and got his birthday present and tonight I'm going to try and make this delicious recipe for dinner. I made that recipe two years ago for my family and remember it being absolutely delicious, so I'm gonna give it another go.

I was testing out how well my new lens would work for outfit pictures and using Dan as a guinea pig and I really liked how the photos turned out, so I thought I'd share them. These photos are from Friday night when Daniel played open mic. He did a couple covers, and this one is Ball & Chain by Social Distortion. He may or may not kill me for posting a video of him playing, but I thought he did so well I just wanted to share it! In the photo above he's attempting to demonstrate how wide the 24mm can shoot, haha. Almost wide enough!