working for the weekend

Here's a little sneak peek into something I wore to work. When it comes to work outfits I pretty much just stick to jeans, a t-shirt of some sort, and my suede cowboy boots. I do this mainly because I don't really care to have all my cute clothes sprinkled with espresso stains. Obviously in the case I switched out the shoes for some little wedges, there's no way in hell I'm spending 6 hours on my feet wearing heels. I kind of just wanted to see if I liked them with this outfit, and I think I'd like it better if I had on my dark blue jeans. Oh well! Another outfit for another time.

Last night I put on an outfit, went out, and upon arriving at my destination and hanging out with everyone for a bit, I started feeling off. I'm sure it was for more reasons than just my outfit (hello, hormones), but I realized that I'm sick of dressing like a little girl. I want to find a way to still love my outfits but feel more... womanly, if that makes sense? Well, I haven't even really defined what I mean by that, but I'm hoping that I can figure it out. I'm so frugal that I have pretty much all of the same clothes I've had for the past 2 years. I don't buy new clothes for every season, I don't go shopping every month, I don't even include clothing in my budget. I think this has definitely contributed to my closet not keeping up with my growth as a person. This little sweatshirt shrug thing is one of the few things I've purchased in the past 5 months. It was kind of an impulse buy (Target strikes again), but I love how casual and comfortable it is. It's a nice alternative to just your straight cardigan, and it has such a fun drape-y shape to it.

beacher wedges/courtesy of blowfish :: jeans/pac sun :: top/scrapbook :: sweatshirt thing/target

And another thing... I'm not feeling like a redhead anymore. I don't know what it is! I am really not sure what is bringing this about, but I've just been thinking a ton about going back to my natural color. I guess a lot of my hesitation comes from the thought that I'll have the rest of my life to have black/dark brown hair, so I should bask in having red hair right now. Meh. I think maybe it has to do with a funky mood I was in yesterday too. Oh, and I've been considering a new style as well. Maybe I'm having a quarter-life hair crisis. I just don't know what to do with it anymore. I feel like having curly hair makes it hard to have a new "style" per se. It's like...okay, so I'll have it short and curly, or midlength and curly, or long and curly. I kinda want to bring it above my shoulders, and it hasn't been that short since... I can't even remember. Literally. But here's the thing (and I feel a bit silly about this): I really want to have long(ish) hair for my wedding. Yup. I know. I have this fear that the moment I cut off my hair, someone will propose to me and I'll have one of those "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" moments in movies where it zooms out to space and you can still here the echoing "NOOooooooooooooo". Because I'm not one of those girls who is going to be engaged for like a year or two. It'll probably be 3-6 months, and that is not enough time to grow out hair.

Okay, wow. Now you guys know one of the weird things that goes on in my brain. Trust me, when you're hair is as much a part of your identity as it is for me, a lot of thought goes into it!