Wild Orchid

Yesterday, Julie from Orchid Grey left a comment on my post that really really lifted my spirits and I was reminded how much I've enjoyed reading her blog over the past year and a half. I got to meet her at fashion week last year, and though we didn't get to talk very much, I still really enjoyed her. An unfortunate side affect of taking my Brave trip in the middle of winter was not being able to travel up north to visit her (and other northern blogging friends), due to snowy and cold conditions, but hopefully someday I'll be able to hang out with her again!

Recently I've just been in love with her style, her outfits seem to get better every day! I adore her use of color, and I always find myself wishing I could raid her closet. I thought I'd do a little feature of her (again, actually. She was one of my Bloggers of the Moment, back when I did that series). Plus, I love a girl with big hair. Every time I see her length I think about growing mine out to where it used to be in 2009.

all photos via Orchid Grey